2016 Membership Information

February 3, 2017

Dear Presidents and Regional Directors,

Happy New Year and Happy February! I’m reaching out to share important information regarding our DWNC membership for 2017.  Although the 2016 elections were tough, it’s time for us to start amping up our activities and focusing on increasing our membership.  Together, we can turn this state blue!

First and foremost, if you are no longer your chapter’s DW President, please share this information with your new Democratic Women’s President as soon as possible. Also advise me via email, buckner.julia@gmail.com, of your new President’s contact information so I can update our database and make contact with your chapter’s President.


  1. Membership rosters are to be forwarded to the DWNC Membership Chair by email or US postal mail no later than March 31st.
  2. Email rosters in Excel format to both buckner.julia@gmail.com AND dwnc.database.sharon@gmail.com (see attached example).
  3. Membership rosters should include the following for EACH member: full name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.
  4. Dues of $4.00 for each registered FEMALE member are to be submitted by March 31st
  5. Checks should be made payable to DWNC and mailed to the DWNC Membership Chair, Julia Buckner, 406 Sawyer Cove, Hayesville, NC 28904.
  6. Chapters may have male members but men are not included in your membership. Do NOT send $4.00 dues for your male members.
  7. Chapters should also send a copy of bylaws if created in 2016 or updated in 2016.
  8. Groups that do not send dues and rosters by March 31st will be considered delinquent. Consequences apply. Please see email referencing our Constitution/Bylaws.
  9. As new members are added to your membership during the year, send the DWNC Membership Chair an updated roster highlighting the new members or noting the date they joined the chapter along with the membership dues.


  • Membership awards will be given to the TOP three (3) chapters with the highest numbers of Democratic Women members in 2017.
  • Chapters that INCREASE their memberships beyond their final 2016 membership totals will be recognized at our 57th Annual State Convention in Forsyth County.  (August 31st is the last date to receive updated rosters for consideration of all Membership Awards at the Annual Convention unless otherwise specified in a Membership Challenge.)

Breakdown for Award Recognitions

5 – 15 members

16 – 35 members

36 – 55 members

56 – 75 members

75+ members

  • Additional Membership Challenges will be offered in 2017 for chapters to earn Special Recognitions at the Annual Convention.

Our first 2017 membership challenge, Beat the Clock, is underway right now! Simply get your 2017 rosters and dues to me by February 18th, and your chapter will be recognized during our Annual State Convention.


I am happy to be of assistance to you in any way I can.  Let me know if you have questions, concerns or need ideas for membership recruitment/retainment.

My contact information for receiving ALL items, including checks, is:

Julia M. Buckner

DWNC Membership Chair

406 Sawyer Cove

Hayesville, NC 28904

Email: buckner.julia@gmail.com

Phone:  (828) 361-3610

Many thanks for all you do! Let’s all keep working for a blue state in our future,