In the spring of 1961 several women that were members of the Democratic Party became interested in forming a statewide organization for Democratic Women. They started building the organization county by county, allowing each county to have one club. Thus the Democratic Women of North Carolina was organized with Doris Cromartie of Mecklenburg County serving as their first President.

The first state convention of Democratic Women of NC was held in Winston-Salem NC at the Robert E. Lee Hotel in October of 1961. It was said in an address by Governor Terry Sanford to the Democratic Women at this convention “you are the leaders who left your flower gardens to do the spade work for the victory the Democratic Party achieved in North Carolina the fall of 1960 on November 8th election day.” He went on to say to Democratic Women “in short, you blazed the trail in a New Day to the New Frontier. Your work (DWNC) of 1960 surpassed that of any women’s group in any campaign since the days of the suffragettes. You are the ones who left your cook stoves to stoke the fires that produced the steam that made possible the majorities for President and Governor and the other offices.”


Politics is like eating salted peanuts—Once you start, it’s hard to stop!!!

Doris Cromartie, Spring 1961

Our Logo

The Logo of the Democratic Women of North Carolina was designed by Michael Edward Daughtry, son of DWNC Past President Kay Daughtry.

Newspaper ClippingTimes change, expressions change, roles and references to women’s duties change, but the value of Democratic Women of North Carolina for their hard work remains the same. We are still instrumental in campaign victories and the success of the Democratic Party on local, statewide and national levels.