Crop and trim video clips and footage

Animoto gives you the ability to crop and trim your video clips in moments. Select start and end points to make your video shorter. Crop your video to show only the best parts of your clips.

Cut, crop, and trim your video

Easily turn your collection of video clips and footage into a coherent and effective story. Animoto’s cropping and trimming features make editing your video a breeze.

Cutting your footage

Trim your video clips and footage

First, upload your clips and drop them right into your project. Animoto lets you quickly trim your video clips to shorten them. You can also mute your video clips right from the workspace. You can even take short clips from the same video file by copying the footage and trimming the portions you want to include.

Framing your video

Crop your video clips and footage

You can easily zoom in and out of your video clips using the scale tool or reposition them within the frame of your video. You can also place your clip in one of our media layouts to leave room for your text to breathe.

Timing your video

Adjust the length of your video

Timing helps set the mood. Set the duration of each photo, text block, or video clip to create longer, thoughtful newsfeed videos or quicker, snappy video ads that get your message across quickly.

Experiment with video

See how easy it is to create sophisticated effects

Animoto lets you create videos that look complicated, but are actually very easy to put together. For example, the video below uses our text and media layouts to create variety throughout the video. It also uses our editing tools to shorten video clips, so the recipe video is broken down into digestible chunks. Finally, it uses a landscape aspect ratio, making it good for YouTube, though you could easily switch it to square and adapt the video for Facebook or Instagram.

The power of a simple, flexible editing tool

Create your narrative

Trim, crop, move, and edit photos, text, and footage to craft a meaningful video. Whether you're creating an ad campaign or a tutorial video, show your audience what they need to know with a video they'll want to watch.

Say goodbye to other tools

Some video editors lack a crop and trim feature, forcing you to use additional software for trimming video clips. With Animoto, you save time and money, since all the features you need are right here.

Create a mood with pacing

Trim your video clips short to create a sense of urgency or make a quick, 15-second ads that are optimized for social. Or try trimming longer clips to build a more thoughtful, storytelling video for your newsfeed or website..


Edit a video in minutes

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We want to help you create amazing videos

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