Take the stress out of video feedback

Painlessly gather, review, and implement time-stamped feedback with our video commenting tool.

Build alignment and get to your final video faster

Get your team on the same page

Easily share videos using a private commenting invitation. No need for huge file downloads and email attachments. Your team can review and add comments from any device.

No more guessing games

Time-stamped comments make it easy to see exactly what your team is referring to, down to the second.

Feedback where you need it

No more juggling email threads and contradictory comments. Reply and implement feedback right from your video editing workspace.

Video feedback for hybrid workspaces and teams

Small Business

Get aligned on company trainings, sales outreach, customer support videos, and more.

Creative & Marketing Teams

Make sure your team’s voice is heard and create videos that move the needle for your business.


Get on the same page with clients without the never-ending back and forth.


How to use Animoto’s video review tool

  1. Invite your team or clients to provide feedback
  2. Gather time-stamped comments
  3. Get aligned and implement feedback
  4. Share your video with confidence


Take the effort out of team effort

Create and share videos for free. Upgrade anytime for more customization.

We want to help you create stunning videos

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