Add voice over to video easily

Create a connection with your audience using voice over. Animoto makes it easy to create voice over videos that get your message across. Simply upload your voice over audio track or record your voice over right in Animoto.

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Your video, your voice

Create more impactful videos and connect with your audience by adding voice-over to your video. Animoto makes it easy to add voice-overs so you can take your videos from ‘good’ to ‘great’ in minutes.

Easily record, upload, and customize your voice-over, then create the rest of your video using the drag-and-drop tools you know and love. The best part? You can do all of this without ever leaving Animoto.

Create in minutes

How to create a voice-over video with Animoto

  1. Choose a video template or start from scratch
  2. Record or Upload a voice-over audio track
  3. Customize your voice-over by trimming or repositioning it in your video
  4. Produce and share your video with colleagues, via email, or on social media

Make your first video with voice over today

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